Conectar. not open to question or debate. Find more ways to say upper, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Confusables ¡NUEVO de. exemplos. I now consider the matter closed. ronouns.) sugerir novo. Traduções complementares: Inglês: Português: expensive adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." Word lists. Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema. Collins! sinónimos. significado oposto - 1 Listas. Vídeo: pronunciación de over. (ˌɪnˈkriːs, ˈɪnˌkriːs) A quantity that is added. Definition. Otro ejemplo: It is easier to pick the low-hanging fruits. definições. Latest Word. Partes do discurso. Ejemplo: The road passes through the low mountains. More than 6,000 words are presented alphabetically, each followed by a list of synonyms. modelo: el agente / vender / los boletos de ida y vuelta / a nosotros El agente nos vende los boletos de ida y vuelta. Busque big y muchas más palabras en el diccionario Reverso de sinónimos en inglés . Ver contenido relacionado English Quiz. structures. mechanistic structure. Middle school and high school students studying Spanish as a second language, as well as students whose first language is Spanish will find a wealth of words and their synonyms to enrich their Spanish vocabulary in this revised, updated, and enlarged edition. in the sense of closed. Melhores antônimos para high differentiation of tasks (oposto de high differentiation of tasks). contact. decrease minimise de-escalate shorten minimize reduce 4. increase noun. (ˈlaʊd) With relatively high volume. antônimos. Listas de palabras en inglés. specialization. Sinónimos finished, over, ended, decided, settled, concluded, resolved, terminated. high differentiation of tasks / antônimos. (charging a large amount) caro adj adjetivo: Modifica o sustantivo. frases. # contact. Tags. Another word for upper. integration. on high, high up, up above. El adjetivo low es el antónimo de high y se usa para describir cosas que tienen una base amplia, como montañas, sillas, mesas, etc., o objetos que no tocan el suelo, como un techo, una fruta que cuelga de un árbol, etc. Synonyms loudly aloud Antonyms softly propitious little Etymology loud (English) loud (Middle English (1100-1500)) 7. loud adjective. fr.