Be frank with me! The building was reduced to rubble. He talks, but he doesn't know what he's saying. They were looking at one another. Ese chico tiene la cabeza muy grande. La confección del traje es muy mala. He likes to try everything. bien no importa el precio. You flatter me. La ciudad quedó en ruinas. Tiene un don natural para hablar. indisponer [irr] to set against (of persons), prejudice Tenía una cultura muy sólida. We've got to clear up this mess. The tax collector called on them. Estaba tras la puerta. su idea. No se calmó hasta mucho después. His father's a lawyer. ▲ full He split the apple in two. jefatura headquarters, chief's office ▲ to fit in ¡Buenas noches! producto product. ° montar a to amount to (in money) We'll see 'em sooner or later. Lleva una vida desordenada. Le agradecí el socorro que me prestó. Se empolva demasiado. Ese país produce mucho café. This shoe is crooked. ° antes que before La entrada será gratis. cariño affection, love I haven't been introduced to him; I know him only by sight. I'll ship my baggage first. — El pasaje del avión estaba completo. ° trueno gordo big scandal ¿cuál? ¡Qué niño más paciente! ° tirantes [m pl] suspenders and then particular special, particular ° a mediados de in (or about) the middle of (a period of time) He was hungry for news. He makes life miserable for everyone around him. Has he supplied you with everything that's necessary? He got rich quickly. revés [m] wrong side, reverse side There were a few moments of confusion. Este periódico no tiene color político. orientarse to find one's bearings, to orient oneself. ▲ figure Tenía mal gesto. He dropped to his knees. Let's drink a few glasses of beer. indiscutible unquestionable, indisputable. Mientras no estudie Ud. Lo compré en un puesto del mercado. titubear to hesitate, waver No me gusta este papel; es muy brillante. This spoils all my plans. carretera highway, road Get a good seat. That band gives me a headache. ▲ annoyed ° en suspenso in suspense Just imagine what a surprise we had! La casa está más allá. Avive el paso; es muy tarde. It's not a male, it's a female. They shipped a carload of goods. No (me) vale la pena ir. ° andar a gatas to walk on all fours, creep. The blow hit him squarely in the face. No querría yo estar en su pellejo. He's a man of the people. No le conviene aceptar ese empleo. The street lights went on. ▲ [m] white (person) They ruined his plans. We did it ourselves. I do things in my own way. ▲ profit ¡Ya es hora de que sacuda Ud. They're going to erect a monument to the heroes. indicación [f] suggestion algo para resolver nuestro problema. We're in a blind alley. They spoiled their grandchildren. Let's take it as a joke. moreno dark-skinned, brunet(te). reir(se) [rad-ch III] to laugh Se prohibe la entrada. voto vote, ballot; vow. ° entre bastidores behind the scenes, backstage. In any case we'll go. He's a carpenter by trade. incapacidad [f] incapacity; incompetence. alentar [rad-ch I] to comfort, cheer up sellar to stamp Hay que descartar esa posibilidad. ° identificarse con to identify oneself with. ▲ risque, off-color Make a final copy of the letter. darme el peso en libras? Después de hacer un paréntesis, volvió al tema. Le voy a dictar unas cartas. — This store is selling out. ° por detrás from behind The Representatives voted against the proposition. ▲ [m] manual, handbook. ¡Cuidado con las chispas que saltan de la chimenea! ° tomar parte to take part ¡Pues bien, iré! Me recuerda mucho a su padre. ▲ to, in order to He's very persevering. ° billete (de banco) bill ° al aire libre in the open air sus ímpetus. ▲ to fleece, skin Hizo una jugada, sucia. Who created the world? ▲ suburb, (real estate) development Se prohibe arrojar objetos por la ventanilla. Cuando le vi de nuevo, no le reconocí. El descenso era muy peligroso. Put it over there. ▲ to send español? ° de buenas a primeras suddenly, unexpectedly They've translated that book into English. I had an argument with him. ​apunarse to become ill from altitude [Am].