By the third season, however, Dan has outgrown that habit, as … Stoica later figures out that before the battle, Dan and Shun switched their Bakugan, so he has Hawktor while Shun has Drago. In episode 38, he is about to battle Phantom Dharak when he is warped to a space in between dimensions. Dan and Drago battled Anubias and Iron Dragonoid while Zenthon battled and defeated Venexus. Juggernoid | He wears normal jeans which are held by a brown belt. Sirenoid | Later the 3 of them brawl Spectra with his new evolved Helios even though it is a long battle with Mira and Marucho getting eliminated he still beats Spectra. Baron Leltoy | Coredegon then creates a portal to the Doom Dimension, and pulls the brawlers into it. Gunz Lazar | Daniel "Dan" Kuso (Japanese: Danma "Dan" Kūsō (空操 弾馬 (ダン), Kūsō Danma (Dan)?)) In True Colours, he and the brawlers return to the Bakugan Interspace. When Robin ran off, he tried to stop Jake from running after him but got mad and gave up. The battle ends with Gunz turning back to his old self, and Betadron joining the brawlers to fight a common enemy: Mechtavius Destroyer. Preyas Diablo | Harpus | He and the brawlers also find out that Anubias and Sellon are working for Mag Mel. In the second arc, he wears a red jacket which has white-colored shoulders, black fingerless gloves, and dark red jeans. He has brown hair in which he wears hexagonal shaped goggles. Foxbat | Dan would wake up after hearing Runo's voice that would then transfers Drago's new battle suit. Fourtress | After hearing from Runo Misaki that there is a man named Masqeruade who was sending people's Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, Dan decides to battle him. In Back In Sync, Dan and Drago are shown to be taming/training against Zenthon. They won with their new, real versions of their digital Bakugan, Hawktor, Coredem and Akwimos, but they were all tricked and sent out of Bakugan Interspace when Ren hacked into the system and forced the brawlers out, causing Bakugan Interspace to be under Ren's control. The next one, 馬 (ma), is much simpler: it just means "horse. He and the other Brawlers follow Fabia back to Neathia. The battle ended in a draw as their powers were too much for the world to handle. He has lost three brawls in Battle Brawlers, three brawls in New Vestroia, two brawls in Gundalian Invaders and eight brawls in Mechtanium Surge. In episode 3, Dan started training for when he would encounter Masquerade again. They played baseball, but when Dan left Runo never caught his name. He wins and finds out that Masquerade was actually a secondary personality created within Alice Gehabich, one of the Battle Brawlers. Dan struggles against Jake and his new Ability Card given to him by Kazarina. After seeing Drago in Spirit Form telling him to take care of himself, he says: "Everything perfect" while doing his signature nose flick. The battle is very fierce, as Betadron wants to destroy Drago because the original Dragonoid sent the Nonets to the Doom Dimension, while Gunz wants revenge on Dan for turning Reptak against him. Elfin | Zenthon | He become more cocky and always ignore his friends advice because he always believe on himself. All of them then agree with him and he starts to focus to link up with Mag Mel. Dan has a vision of Mag Mel and his plan to attack the capital of Gundalia. After the story, Mira said that she made replicas of the battle suits Wiseman stole. Genesis Dragonoid | Dan is a boy who really loves Bakugan and aspires to be the best brawler to ever live, which he achieves in the last episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. His gold buckled belt is replaced by a normal buckle (silver or aluminum). The feeling they had was the same feeling when they lost control. Marucho forms a strategy but Mag Mel launches a sneak attack of his own. He was last seen watching a fan that supported him then rejected him for losing. In Enemy Infiltration, Dan, Marucho, and Shun get the signal from Skytruss and Orbeum to Wiseman's hideout. While travling in Bakugan valley he battles the number 3 player Chan Lee. While Mira and Baron were accepting of him, Ace wanted him to prove himself in a brawl, which ended in a draw between Percival and Dragp . He is easily frustrated, which combined with his eagerness to brawl, causes him to complain a lot when he has to wait around in hiding, as shown in the first and second season. After, they try to fly up a cliff with a strong wind against them. Join Facebook to connect with Daniel Dan Kuso and others you may know. Later, he receives a message from Anubias, telling him that he has kidnapped Noah and he want to fight him. Exedra. Ace Grit | When they arrive, they find that Wiseman is a hologram! Soon after, they receive a report that the Gundalians are attacking. A while later Stoica and Jesse appear to stop the Brawlers. After the battle, he ran into Masquerade and battled him. During Lars Lion's test for Runo, a younger, illusionary Dan was used to make Runo realize that she can't be so stubborn and rash. Lastly, he wore blue fingerless gloves. He wins by using a Fusion Ability Card, D-Strike Extreme. During the battle Dan cuts off a portion of Mag Mel's mask, revealing him to be Barodius, the former emperor of Gundalia. His sleeves go past his wrist forming a slight upward V-shape. In their first encounter, Fabia Sheen accidentally throws Dan. Dan and Drago won and Anubias flew back. He then tells the brawlers that the only way to defeat him is to use their link. Later, they watch Shun and Marucho's battle and after seeing what the Tri-Twisters are doing - he wants to help but feels conflicted and does not help them out. He receives violent visions of Bakugan Interspace and Bayview being attacked by Razenoid and they face Sellon (in her Neathian form) and this time, since Dan and Drago are back in sync, they summon Zenthon and are able to control him. They enter the cave only to find a rainbow light. In a show of good will, he released Runo. When in the Pyrus-Darkus world, he and Drago fought the Pyrus-Darkus hybrids Druman and Centorrior. Later he was challenged to a rematch, which he accepts. He later brawls Gus Grav and easily loses due to the power of Vulcan. In Masquerade Ball, Dan then tried to get Drago to talk but to no avail. He wins and Blitz Dragonoid evolves into Titanium Dragonoid. Together the brawlers defeat Mechtavius Destroyer forcing Wiseman to retreat. Angered by his ignorance, Fabia throws Dan and leaves later he is helping coach Jake who is having confidence problems. Daniel "Dan" Kuso is the main protagonist in the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers and Bakugan: New Vestroia TV series. Dan returns to headquarters and discusses the possibility that Gunz could be brainwashed. Mock Dragonoid | Dan, along with Mira and Baron, followed Runo as well as Gus lync and Spectra. Ziperator Force | Plitheon | Later, he and Shun battled Sellon and Chris and won but only due to Sellon throwing the match. 6 months later the brawlers get a visit from the Six Ancient Warriors who lost their atrbute energies and gave them to the resistance Bakugan with this Drago evolves into Cross Dragnoiod. After a tough time with the Nonets, thanks to fusing, the battle turns in Dan's favor when Runo sends him the battle suits. Castle Knights | Later, they get back into the fight when Coredegon turns into Mechtavius Destroyer. So, they battle Amazon but lose control during the battle and are defeated. However, when activating "Dragon Hard Striker" - Drago goes insane and "spawns" Zenthon. This brings the brawlers back together. Under jacket Dan has a slim T-shirt in color black. Jin | At the Mother Palace, Dan and Mira fight Zenoheld and Hydron with Spectra helping his rival due to Gus loss however they lost to Zenoheld and drago lost his attribute energy and the BT system is full. Wiseman appears and battles the brawlers with their own battle suits! Evil, Dan and the other brawlers are in the Doom Dimension. Marucho lost, but Dan and Drago beat both of them. In Interspace Armageddon, he is seen battling Chaos Bakugan and Dreadeon clones. Dan was surprised hearing Drago talking to Fear Ripper and he decides that he was imagining that he was talking. Drago summoned Dragonoid Destroyer which allowed Reptak and Jaakor to be launched from it and increase their attack power. However, in Japanese, the two words are quite distinct, as the. He first lived in Wardington for the first two seasons with his friends Runo Misaki, Marucho Marukura and Shun Kazami. Powers/Skills His partnership with Drago which make a bond called "Switch Code", which means that Dan is destined to be his partner and always being connected. Zenet Surrow | After Neo Ziperator is taken by Jesse, Dan promises Linus Claude that he will rescue him. He is also seen as a legend among the brawlers from Earth as well as toward the Vestals, Neathians and Gundalians. The battle is fierce, but the brawlers lose. Grakas Hound | Centorrior and Druman (Tag with Runo, Marucho, Julie, Klaus, Julio, Spectra Phantom (Tag with Mira and Marucho), Anubias and Sellon (Tag with Marucho and Shun), Mag Mel, Anubias, and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers), Anubias and Sellon (Tag with the Battle Brawlers), Razen Titan Army (Tag with the Battle Brawlers), Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Marucho and Shun), Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Tag with Marucho and Shun). Falcon Fly | Ingram | After the vision was over, Drago and Fear Ripper appeared in the field and Drago was able to defeat him, giving Dan the victory. Dan is a skilled brawler between Seasons 1-3, but takes a dip in his record in Season 4. Phosphos | During his test with Apollonir, he brawls against a clown on the moon. When they meet, a fight ensues with both sides giving everything they've got! Drago took him and unknown to their knowledge, Marucho, to New Vestroia, where they were found by Mira Fermin and battled two members of the Vexos, Volt Luster and Lync Volan. Team Sellon | When they break into Interspace, they are lead into an arena by Sid and challenged to a battle. He admitted he didn't want Shun Kazami to join the team because of problems hes been having with him but after Shun helps Dan beat Masquaerade and his bakugan Hydranoid he weclomes him to the Bralwers. When the Alternative is complete, Dan and the other brawlers battle and destroy it. In Blast From the Past, he along with the other brawlers went rhough the Current of Time and saw Bakugan City and New Vestroia destroyed. He asks Ren why he fights for the Emperor and once he hears his reason he said that he was better friends with the brawlers. Main While in Aplha city Dan helped destroy the detention controller by using drago to hit the controller. He tends to act rash and impulsive which often leads him to trouble. Type of Hero When Dan is challenged by Jesse Glenn, Fabia returns to Bakugan Interspace and fights Jesse, but loses. Dan brings Jake to Bakugan Interspace and brawls against Ren, but the battle gets cut off when the power levels become too high for Bakugan Interspace. Believing Ren's story about the Neathians attacking Gundalia, Dan tells Fabia to leave and to stop using Bakugans for war. Clayf | Dan, Drago, and Reptak have trouble with the Nonets combination's cyclone ability. Lar Lion | Two rival teams, Team Anubias and Team Sellon have emerged and are trying to challenge the Brawlers' status as top-ranked battlers. However, Jake snaps out of his hypnosis and saves Dan. Michael GehabichApollonir (deceased) In Mysterious Bond, Dan tried to help Reptak find his missing partner but ran into Wiseman. Helios | They are seen to be more positive and Dan claims that they will control their powers and get back on top again. In Battle for Bakugan Land, Dan shows Runo around the amusement park. This allows him to defeat Wiseman. Chan Lee | When they arrive they meet up with Ren (who changed into his Human Form) and takes them to a secret base. After his actions in the first season, he has become a legend among brawlers from Earth, Vestal, Neathia, and Gundalia. Contestir | However, Spectra acquires Drago when he used a Forbidden Ability Card to boost Helios' strength. After Drago finally evolved, Masquerade sent a battle request to Joe Brown for the Infinity Core, only to have Dan come to battle in his place. Because of this Dan threw Drago into the river, saying they were done. Tigrerra | Origin Leefram | Chris | Dan and Jake faced off against Sein Pam and Lewin Pam and won thus freeing them from their brainwashing. Slynix | Gus Grav | However, he sees another vision of Mag Mel and loses control yet again. Around this time Drago started accepting him as his partner, hoping that with Dan's help he can stop Naga. He moved to Bayview in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, and somehow Julie became his neighbor. Wilda | While doing construction, he tries to tell Jake that they need to rebuild so they can be ready. After the battle, he and the other Brawlers are awarded the position of Castle Knights. He is partnered with a Pyrus Dragonoid named Drago (who eventually evolved into Fusion Dragonoid). He agreed to help the Resistance free the Bakugan by destroying all the Dimension Controllers that are keeping the Bakugan in their ball forms. For the first two seasons, he lived in Wardington with his parents, Miyoko Kuso and Shinjiro Kuso, near his friends Runo Misaki, Marucho Marukura and Shun Kazami. Captain Elright | Dan used to play using raw power without any kind of strategy, often caring more about winning and not the consequences to come. One year after defeating Barodius, Dan and Drago have returned to Bakugan Interspace and help Marucho expand it. Daniel "Dan" Kuso (Japanese: Template:Nihongo) is the main protagonist of the anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers and its three following seasons: New Vestroia, Gundalian Invaders, and Mechtanium Surge.. Dan witnessed Jake's return from Gundalia, but is suspicious of his nature since his return. Dragonoid Destroyer sends Aerogan up into the air to strike the Nonets above the vortex. Later, he apologizes to her as Wiseman comes up to challenge him. He also battled against the Rogue Mechtogan, who fused into Mechtavius Destroyer, and won using the newly spawned Dragonoid Destroyer. Nemus | In the first season, he is seen wearing a short red overcoat with black pockets over a bright yellow sleeveless. The real Wiseman steals the battle suits and Dan chases after him. After his return, Dan become very upset after the other battle brawler try to make him away from battlefield due his psychic-link to Mag-Mel, and feel that he already replaced. Spyderfencer | The next day, Dan was challenged by one of the members of Team Anubias, Ben. Paige then receives a distress signal confirming that Gundalia is being attacked, and the brawlers decide to go help out Gundalia. He is shown to be extremely loyal to Drago, his Bakugan Partner. Dan manages to defeat him, but Drago loses control of his powers and nearly destroys the arena. Dan gets angry and leaves in order to continue training with Drago.