"[14], In addition to the effective advertising campaign, the popularity of the drink has been linked to other coinciding phenomena: the diversification of the Argentine market for alcoholic beverages and the modernization of cuarteto, a style of popular music from Córdoba that expanded to Buenos Aires during the 1980s and 1990s,[14] spearheaded by singer Rodrigo's success. [27] However, the epicenter of fernet con coca drinking in the country is its home province of Córdoba, which represented almost 30% of national consumption—about three million liters of fernet a year—in 2013. No es casualidad ya que en estos dos países estan las fábricas de la marca que, según varios expertos es el mejor de todos: El Fernet Branca.. Este artículo no pretende ser una publicidad de Fernet Branca, ni mucho menos de Coca Cola, de hecho, existen Fernets muy buenos como el Fernet 1882 … Add Fernet-Branca, then two or three fresh ice cubes. [19][43] It is by far the most popular fernet brand sold in Argentina, having 79% of the market share, followed by Vittone with 11%, Capri with 7% and 1882 (known as "milocho") with 3%. [20] On the contrary, since 2002 fernet's production and marketing underwent intense transformations, establishing itself as "one of the most striking phenomena in the entire region", making way for women and young people as new consumers and cementing its popularity at bars, parties, asados and gatherings. Si, perfecto. Si es así, compartila con tus amigos y familiares, nos estarás ayudando a hacer más guías de este estilo en el futuro, ¡gracias! The exponential growth that the Argentine fernet industry experienced between the 1990s and the mid-2010s, measured in millions of liters produced, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 15:30. In the 1990s, rock band Vilma Palma e Vampiros from Rosario released a song named after the cocktail, which featured the lyrics: "I do not want to end up in a cell without my fernet con coca". [14] Although "theories swirl about who sparked fernet's explosion", most point to the city's large population of university students. [16][17], Although the exact origin of the cocktail is poorly-documented and "somewhat shrouded in mythmaking",[4][18] it is generally agreed that it originated in Córdoba Province,[19][20] and is heavily associated with its capital of the same name, Argentina's second most populous city. [16][42][43], It is mostly consumed in Argentina, but the cocktail can also be found in some of its neighboring countries, such as Uruguay and Bolivia. [37], La Voz explained a typical preparation of fernet con coca: "It carries two or three ice cubes and a variable measure of fernet and cola. Digliardi, quien se mudó a Buenos Aires en 2008, recuerda a su abuelo que bebía fernet como un digestivo con un vaso de agua caliente. [15][36] Over the years, fernet products in Argentina have been "lightened" in relation to the traditional amaros of Italy, as they are now intended for consumption with cola—reducing their bitterness, alcohol content and "syrupy texture". La cantidad de fernet es esencial. [14][18] The International Bartenders Association recipe—first published in 2020—[9]calls for 50 millilitres Fernet-Branca poured into a double old fashioned glass with ice, filled up with cola. Fernet con coca , also known as fernando, its diminutive fernandito (Spanish pronunciation: [fɛɾ.nãn̪.ˈdi.to]), or several other nicknames, is a long drink of Argentine origin consisting of the Italian amaro liqueur fernet and cola, served over ice. [22] Fratelli Branca head of marketing since 1992 Hernán Mutti told Fortune in 2016: "We had to convince Argentina that this was the way to drink fernet: to be shared between friends. ATR: el boom del placer . 69 872 10 55 734 4 Currently Trending. [14] In 1941, Fratelli Branca opened its first and only production plant outside Italy in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios,[12] which indicates that already at that time the fernet market in Argentina was considerable. [11][12] The popularity of fernet in Argentina is representative of the lasting influence Italian immigrants had in the broader consumer tastes and culture of the country. Using coca cola reduction as sweetener was the idea that triggered this cocktail idea but I had to play with the ratios a bit until I was happy with the result. Pero vamos al grano: hoy te voy a explicar cómo preparar un Fernet con Coca perfecto. The cocktail first became popular among the youth of the college town of Córdoba, in the 1980s and—impulsed by an advertising campaign led by Fratelli Branca—its consumption grew in popularity during the following decades to become widespread throughout the country, surpassed only by that of beer and wine. Fernet and Coke. They even wrote a whole song about Fernet and Coke, which, fair warning, is pretty terrible. [14][27] In Buenos Aires alone, the drink's sales grew by 115% between 2001 and 2008. Although typically made with Fernet-Branca and Coca-Cola, several amaro brands have appeared in Argentina since its popularization, as well as ready-to-drink versions. [15] An early Cordoban version of the drink called "90210"—a possible reference to the 1990s TV drama—[12]calls for nine tenths of fernet, two ice cubes and one tenth of cola. El uso del fernet luego se extendió como aperitivo especialmente junto a copetines, combinado con agua, soda, vermú rojo o en cócteles, siendo en la actualidad el más bebido el que surge de la mezcla de fernet con gaseosa sabor cola, popularizado a fines de los años 1980 y denominado coloquialmente fernet con Coca o Fernando. [15] Fito Páez names the drink in his song "Las cosas que me hacen bien", off his 2020 album La conquista del espacio. Fernet con Coca! [28] Another study reported that during the period of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's presidencies—between 2004 and 2015—fernet consumption increased 405%, noting that "the kirchnerist decade could also be called 'the fernet decade'. It is recommended to serve it with an inclination of 45 degrees and in a long glass, so that the soda does not lose gas. El Fernet con Coca, marca registrada argentina, y específicamente cordobesa, continuará en Argentina. It was being drunk behind closed doors; it wasn't a friendly product. [29][30] Between 2015 and 2019, the Argentine production of fernet and bitters fell from 56.4 to 44.3 million annual liters. [15][38] Some relate the success of the cocktail in the country to a general fondness for the bitter taste in Argentine culture, exemplified by the widespread consumption of mate and non-alcoholic bitters like Terma. [21][22] The popularity of fernet among Cordobans has been linked to the local custom of consuming herbal medicines such as burro, boldo and peperina. Aunque surgido en la provincia argentina se ha difundido en el resto de Argentina siendo ya un clásico. That said, the drink itself is fantasti… [27] According to a 2011 governmental report, fernet consumption in Argentina grew 251% during the 2000s, far ahead of beer's 60%. El fernando, fernandito, fefi o fernet con coca es una bebida creada en Córdoba que consiste en la mezcla de fernet con Coca-Cola. Luego, cuando uno comienza a disfrutar la totalidad de tonalidades que tiene el fernet junto a su aroma la cantidad perfecta debería ser entre el 30% y el 40%. Mi ideal son 4 o 5 hielos, y obviamente, un vaso grande. Aunque surgido en la provincia argentina se ha difundido en el resto de Argentina siendo ya un clásico. [38], With its long history in the country, the Fernet-Branca brand has achieved a "cultlike" and "almost mythical" status among Argentines. Una vez con el vaso lleno de hielo, pasemos a la preparación de tan gustoso trago. Twitter Argentina. Si por el contrario ves que no está formando espuma, deberás alejar la botella para que la Coca caiga con más fuerza. El fernet con coca, reconocido como “trago de la nueva era” por la Asociación Internacional de Bartenders. [18][21] Some sources say that the cocktail already existed in the 1950s, as a "gentler" variation of the common combination of fernet and soda water,[4] while others affirm that it was invented in the 1970s by Oscar "el Negro" Becerra, a drummer and bartender from Cruz del Eje, a city in the province's northwest. [14] Another underground plant was opened in 1982 in Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires Province. Estadísticas de Productos Industriales", "Cócteles y cristalería: mirá las mejores recetas", "Eligieron el mejor fernet de Argentina y no es el que estás pensando", "Por la ruta del fernet: los productores artesanales avanzan en todo el país", "En Córdoba ya fabrican fernet con cola en lata", "Argentina loves its Fernet, a bitter Italian liquor", "Estadísticas: Amargos, bitters y fernets", "Cuál es la bebida alcohólica que más creció en consumo en la última década", "El sabor amargo, ¿la nueva pasión de los argentinos?