Guía de Mortal Kombat X en Vandal. Kripta é o lugar onde você compra novos conteúdos para o game , como Fatalitys . Published April 14, 2015, 8:23 p.m. about Mortal Kombat X. by Bryan Dawson. © 2002-2020 Mortal Kombat Warehouse - All rights reserved. As you make your way through the Krypt you will come across items. Head to the Shrine of the Dead (-11, 12) and use Jax's Rocket Launcher to enter. In order to gain access to Shao Kahn's Krypt you must activate three levers throughout Shao Khan's Krypt (accessed through the portal in Hollow Grounds). These are timed chests that only appear for a short time before they're gone. Resultados de buscar kripta en la Guía Mortal Kombat 11: Trucos, consejos y secretos. Uno de los primeros territorios de la Kripta. The Krypt is where you can unlock Fatalities, Brutalities, alternate costumes, concept art, stage music and more. Reward: Cassie Cage's Brutality: Half Day? Pull the levers in the following order to open the door, gain entrance into Kotal's Kavern and earn 6,000 Koins: 4 > 1 > 3 > 2Kotal's KavernJacqui Briggs' Brutality: Gun ShowCoordinates: 21, 33Cost: 2,1202,000 KoinsCoordinates: 21, 35Cost: 250Kotal Khan's Sword (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 22, 34Shadow Spider’s HiveTakeda Concept ArtCoordinates: 8, 39Cost: 300Liu Kang Concept ArtCoordinates: 8, 40Cost: 2,310Kenshi's Katana (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 5, 30Outworld Marketplace StageCoordinates: 7, 42Cost: 1,150Coming SoonCoordinates: 6, 42Cost: 550Timed ChestShao Khan's TombLiu Kang's Fireball (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 0, 6Tournament Johnny Cage Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 1, 6Cost: 1,470Sub Zero's Brutality: Pick Your BrainCoordinates: 1, 6Cost: 7,140Kano's Brutality: Just The TipCoordinates: -1, 6Cost: 6,4502,000 KoinsCoordinates: 2, 8Cost: 980Kuantan Jungle Concept ArtCoordinates: 4, 8Cost: 1,240Grotto of GoreOsh-Tekk Warrior Kotal Khan Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -8, 8Cost: 2,100Dark PassKung Lao's Fatality: Flower PotCoordinates: -7, 17Cost: 2,650Mileena Concept ArtCoordinates: -6, 17Cost: 780Ermac's Pendant (Inventory Item)Coordinates: -5, 18Tournament Kenshi Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 6, 17Cost: 1,870Refugee Kamp Stage MusicCoordinates: 7, 17Cost: 2,300Hall of BetrayalQuan Chi Kutie IconCoordinates: -2, 19Cost: 1,650Fan Art 2 Concept ArtCoordinates: 2, 19Cost: 1,400Corridor of BloodNo Turtles Fight Modifier (Test Your Luck)Coordinates: 7, 10Cost: 980Easy Fatality AwardCoordinates: 8, 9Cost: 1,100Lost MausoleumRaiden Concept ArtCoordinates: 0, -3Cost: 1,520Kitana's Fatality: Splitting HairsCoordinates: 0, -3Cost: 1,9802,000 KoinsCoordinates: 5, -1Cost: 860Skip Fight AwardCoordinates: 4, 0Cost: 1,100Fan Art 3 Concept ArtCoordinates: 5, 3Cost: 1,140Khan's StrongholdJax's Rocket Launcher (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 0, 12Liu Kang's Brutality: Dragon's DenCoordinates: -1, 12Cost: 2,980Ermac's Brutality: GluttonyCoordinates: 1, 13Cost: 1,240Quan Chi's Brutality: Touch of DeathCoordinates: 1, 12Cost: 2,8404,000 KoinsCoordinates: 1, 14Cost: 1,140Erron Black Cutie IconCoordinates: 1, 15Cost: 1,420Tournament Liu Kang Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 1, 11Cost: 940Dark Raiden Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -1, 14Cost: 10. There are quite a few areas that encompass the Krypt and some areas will be locked until you solve a puzzle or find a specific item in the Krypt that allows access to the area.There are also random enemy encounters that will likely startle you. Everything. Most appear within a few minutes time. So in lieu of that, here's the full list of every Fatality and Stage Fatality you can pull off in Mortal Kombat X, including Mortal Kombat XL DLC characters. Guía de Mortal Kombat X en Vandal. Mortal Kombat X en 3DJuegos: Alguien sabe como se abre la puerta de la cripta que tiene 4 palancas de araña??? If you fail to do so there aren't any negative penalties. The original Mortal Kombat Warehouse displays unique content extracted directly from the Mortal Kombat games: Sprites, Arenas, Animations, Backgrounds, Props, Bios, Endings, Screenshots and … Guía BÁSICA para conseguir objetos, trajes y escenarios de la kripta en MORTAL KOMBAT X Esta es una guía BÁSICA para conseguir desbloqueables tales como trajes de personajes, escenarios y koins en "LA KRIPTA". Published April 14, 2015, 8:23 p.m. Note: Cyber Sub-Zero is not unlocked in the Krypt.  Si ya tuviste suficiente de peleas, vale la pena irse a explorar los oscuros y siniestros rincones de la Kripta para obtener más recompensas y seguir modificando a todos tus personajes en términos de looks y habilidades. Be warned: Everything is gory. Reward: Kotal Kahn's Brutality: Sawed Off, Reward: Scorpion's Brutality: Sirai Ryu Fire, Reward: Erron Black's Fatality: Six-Shooter, Reward: Ferra/Torr's Brutality: Play Thing, Reward: Kung Jin's Brutality: Round About, Reward: Erron Black's Brutality: Serenity, Reward: Liu Kang's Brutality: Kounter Top, Reward: Johnny Cage's Brutality: Bring It On, Reward: Jacqui Briggs's Brutality: Gun Show, Reward: Sonya Blade's Fatality: Head Hunter, Reward: Quan Chi's Brutality: Skull Transplant, Reward: Sonya Blade's Brutality: Kamikaze, Reward: Quan Chi's Brutality: Puggles' Wrath, Reward: Erron Black's Brutality: Swing Low, Reward: Ferra/Torr's Brutality: Stabby Stab, Reward: Jacqui Brigg's Brutality: Aftershock, Reward: Cassie Cage's Brutality: Pop Goes, Reward: Sonya Blade's Brutality: Time Bomb, Reward: Kenshi's Brutality: Instant Karma, Reward: Scorpion's Brutality: Nether Hole, Reward: Raiden's Fatality: Conducting Rod, Reward: Johnny Cage's Brutality: Fall Guy, Reward: Kotal Kahn's Brutality: Totem This, Reward: Quan Chi's Brutality: Touch of Death, Reward: Liu Kang's Brutality: Dragon's Den, Reward: Sub-Zero's Brutality: Pick Your Brain, Reward: Liu Kang's Brutality: Tread Lightly, Reward: Kotal Kahn's Brutality: Stick Around, Reward: Reptile's Brutality: Heart Attack, Reward: Ferra/Torr's Brutality: Steam Roller, Reward: Jacqui Briggs's Brutality: Heavy Artillery, Reward: Gift of Reflect Armor Fight Modifier, Reward: Erron Black's Brutality: Sword In The Stone, Reward: Kitana's Fatality: Splitting Hairs, Reward: Kano's Fatality: Knife to Meet You, Reward: Cassie Cage's Brutality: Hats Off. However, we've got all the details you need if you're trying to unlock Cyber Sub-Zero. Looking for Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities? about Reward: Kotal Kahn's Fatality: Tight Squeeze, Reward: Johnny Cage's Brutality: Blood Spurt, Reward: Cassie Cage's Brutality: Beatdown, Reward: Shinnok's Brutality: Have A Nice Day, Reward: Kung Lao's Brutality: Klassic Toss, Reward: Scorpion's Brutality: Just A Scratch, Reward: Sonya Blade's Brutality: Boot To Head, Reward: Quick Uppercut Recovery Fight Modifier, Reward: Sub-Zero's Brutality: Splitting Image, Reward: Kung Jin's Brutality: Decapitator, Reward: Erron Black's Brutality: Quick Draw, Reward: Quan Chi's Brutality: Blood Shower, Reward: Johnny Cage's Fatality: Little Improv, Reward: Scorpion's Brutality: Little Devil, Reward: Sonya Blade's Brutality: Garro-That, Reward: Jacqui Briggs' Brutality: Shrapnel, Reward: Ermac's Brutality: Controlled Chaos, Reward: Jacqui Brigg's Fatality: Fist Pump, Reward: Sub-Zero's Brutality: Frozen Dinner. Llegarás a una cueva recubierta con una tela de araña a tu derecha. Emfim , esse detonado mostra a posição de todos os itens em todos os locais da Kripta , todo credito a … ... Una guía rápida por la Kripta de Mortal Kombat X. Bosque Muerto: Uno de los primeros territorios de la ... (PC) Mortal Kombat XL - Trucos (XBOne) Mortal Kombat XL - Trucos (PS4) Vídeo del momento: Borderlands 3 - Lanzamiento en PS5 y Xbox Series X/S. You have a decent amount of time to input the command so take your time to see what button you have to press to make sure you deflect the attack and score some koins.Throughout the Krypt you'll hear the sound of chests appearing and then vanishing again. The levers each have a certain number of spiders ranging from one to four. These items go into your inventory and are used to gain access to special areas within the Krypt.Ermac's PendantCoordinates: -5, 18 (Dark Pass)Unlocks: UnknownJax's Rocket LauncherCoordinates: 0, 12 (Khan's Stronghold)Unlocks: Shrine of the Dead (-11, 12)Kenshi's KitanaCoordinates: 5, 30 (Shadow Spider's Hive)Unlocks: Hollow Grounds Area (0, 25)Kotal Khan's SwordCoordinates: 22, 34 (Kotal's Kavern)Unlocks: Shadow Spider’s Hive and Switch PassageKung Lao’s HatCoordinates: -7, 12 in the Shadow Spider KaveUnlocks: Hanging Bridge Access (-10, 21 in the Shadow Spider Kave)Liu Kang's FireballCoordinates: 0, 6 (Shao Kahn's Tomb)Unlocks White Lotus Temple (-20, 4)Raiden's StaffCoordinates: 5,11 (Shadow Spider Kave)Unlocks:  Elder Chasm (20, 23) and Hidden Room (6, 24 in the Spider Gem Hold)Reptile's ClawCoordinates: 6, 30 (Widow's Pass)Unlocks: Unlocks a switch in Shao Kahn's Tomb.Scorpion's SpearCoordinates: -13, 19 (Walkway of Souls)Unlocks: Scorpion PitSpider GemCoordinates: Scorpion's PitUnlocks: Room of SacrificeSub Zero’s IceballCoordinates: -21, 20 (Frost Path)Unlocks: Unknown. ". These are all the possible unlocks sometimes you get 50% or 200% of the koins you gambled. However, if you do follow the on-screen commands in time you earn koins. These require you to press whatever input appears on-screen before the enemy hits you. Abstenerse de comentar aquellas personas que vengan con el único propósito de molestar. Opening it awards you with 2,000 Koins.Hollow GroundsKotal Kahn Concept ArtCoordinates: -4, 20Cost: 1,200Scorpion's Brutality: Just A ScratchCoordinates: -6, 20Cost: 6,8002,000 KoinsCoordinates: -5, 21Cost: 200Timed ChestWalkway of SoulsScorpion's Spear (Inventory Item)Coordinates: -13, 19Tournament Kano Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -15, 19Cost: 2,300Tournament Raiden Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -17, 19Cost: 2,350Sub Zero's Brutality: Splitting ImageCoordinates: -16, 20Cost: 55Timed ChestFrost PathKitana's Brutality: Back That UpCoordinates: -19, 20Cost: 6,800Timed ChestSub Zero’s Iceball (Inventory Item)Coordinates: -21, 20Cemetery GroundsDead Woods StageCoordinates: -18, 7Cost: 1,880Dead Woods StageCoordinates: -18, 9Cost: 1,120Tournament Mileena Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -23, 10Cost: 540Timed ChestWhite Lotus TempleKung Lao's Brutality: Grind AwayCoordinates: -20, 1Cost: 3,210Jacqui Briggs' Fatality: Fist PumpCoordinates: -21, 2Cost: 440Turbo Kombat Modifier (Test Your Luck)Coordinates: -19, 2Cost: 120Timed ChestRaiden's Brutality: Dark ForceCoordinates: -19, 3Cost: 3,240D'Vorah's Fatality: Heart BrokenCoordinates: -19, 1Cost: 900Takeda's Brutality: Two SidedCoordinates: -19, 1Cost: 2,410Shadow Spider KaveRaiden's Brutality: Power OutageCoordinates: 6, 2Cost: 6,520Sub Zero's Brutality: Frozen DinnerCoordinates: 4, 4Cost: 7,740Lin Kuei Temple Concept ArtCoordinates: 6, 6Cost: 6,600Master and Servant Ferra/Torr Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 6, 8Cost: 1,320Timed ChestRaiden's Staff (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 5,112,000 KoinsCoordinates: 7, 10Cost: 754Scorpion's Fatality: Who's NextCoordinates: 3, 10Cost: 1,550Cassie Cage's Brutality: Half DayCoordinates: 3, 12Cost: 6,540Fan Art 4: RaidenCoordinates: 7, 12Cost: 1,650Kavern of DoomTournament Reptile Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 15, 16Cost: 470Timed ChestFerra/Torr's Brutality: Play ThingCoordinates: 18, 2Cost: 2,140Scorpion PitEasy Fatality AwardCoordinates: 19, 10Cost: 50Chamber of BonesMileena's Brutality: Tele-splatCoordinates: -5, 14Cost: 5,540Kytinn Queen D'Vorah Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -7, 12Cost: 1,240Kung Lao’s Hat (Inventory Item)Chamber of Bones -7, 12Kotal Kahn’s Brutality: Sawed OffCoordinates: -8, 13Cost: 280Timed ChestHanging Bridge Access PointCoordinates: (-10, 21)Puzzle: Use Kung Lao’s Hat to lower the bridge and gain access to the Hanging Bridge area and 4,000 Koins.The Hanging BridgeJinsei Chamber Concept ArtCoordinates: -5, 26Cost: 700Erron Black’s Fatality: Six-ShooterCoordinates: -8, 27Cost: 220Scorpion's Brutality: Shirai Ryu FireCoordinates: -8, 27Cost: 2,260Jax’s Brutality: Ground BreakingCoordinates: -5, 27Cost: 2,400The Cove Concept ArtCoordinates: -7, 28Cost: 470Ermac’s Brutality: We WinCoordinates: -7, 29Cost: 111Timed ChestSkip Fight AwardCoordinates: -7, 29Cost: 600ArakniaSkip Fight AwardCoordinates: 13, 21Cost: 1,120Quan Chi's Fatality: Both EndsCoordinates: 18, 30Cost: 1,530Room of SacrificeTakeda's Kutie IconCoordinates: 0, 25Cost: 1,320Johnny Cage's Brutality: Bring It OnCoordinates: 0, 27Cost: 6,320Spider Gem HoldTournament Scorpion Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 5, 28Cost: 210Timed ChestWidow's PassReptile's Claw (Inventory Item)Coordinates: 6, 30This is an inventory item required to progress further into the Krypt.Hanging Dead bodyCoordinates: 5, 32Cost: 1520Unlocks: Music TrackSwitch PassageLever Puzzle: There are four levers in this passage that control the door ahead. Mortal Kombat X. Characters are listed in alphabetical order. For more on Mortal Kombat X check out Prima's free guide and our list of Fatalities and Brutalities! The optimal price to gamble is around 2,100 koins. Mortal Kombat X - Krypt Unlocking Guide: Find Every Alternate Costume Save time and koins by finding the exact location of alternate costumes, Scorpion's Spear and other inventory items, and more! Es que hice varias combinaciones y nada.gracias de antemano Inside you can gamble your koins (-11, 13) in order to unlock the Kamidogu and earn other rewards. For Mortal Kombat X on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyone know how to solve the spider lever door puzzle in the krypt ??? Mortal Kombat X, guía completa ... Enfréntate a una fiera en la Kripta *Accede a la Kripta y avanza por el cementerio. The Krypt is where you can unlock Fatalities, Brutalities, alternate costumes, concept art, stage music and more. To obtain the Kamidogu you need to gamble at least 10,000 koins. Tweet me any errors you find @MKWarehouse, These unlocks are rewards for gambling in the Shrine of the Dead located at: Dead Woods Cemetery (-11,13). DESTACADO. , PC Mortal Kombat X Full Movie 2016 All Cutscenes REMASTERED [1080p HD] Mortal Kombat XL Edition - Duration: 2:46:11. Fatalities are listed with PS4 controls/Xbox One controls. Using the Kamidogu you can gain access to the NetherRealm through the Nether Gate (-24, 18). Domina al máximo con nosotros el excelente retorno del juego de lucha de Warner Bros. Published April 14, 2015, 8:23 p.m. about Mortal Kombat X. by Bryan Dawson. Hoje , vi um site que mostrava o Guia da Kripta de Mortal Kombat 9 (Primeiras Impressões) . If you want in the location of a timed chest, it will appear again. Don't forget to use Ctrl+F / Command+F to find what you're looking for, for example, search for "Type: Koins" to find all koins rewards. D'Vorah Alternate Costume - Kytinn QueenCoordinates: -7, 12 (Chamber of Bones)Cost: 1,240Erron Black Alternate Costume - OutcastCoordinates: -2, 9 (Frozen Graves)Cost: 1,220Ferra/Torr Alternate Costume - Master and ServantCoordinates: 6, 8 (Shadow Spider Kave)Cost: 1,320Timed ChestJacqui Briggs Alternate Costume - Boot CampCoordinates: -8, 8 (Garden of Despair)Cost: 1,900Johnny Cage Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 1, 6 (Shao Kahn's Tomb)Cost: 1,470Kano Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: -15, 19 (Walkway of Souls)Cost: 2,300Kenshi Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 6, 17 (Dark Pass)Cost: 1,870Kitana Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 1, 6 (Frozen Graves)Cost: 980Kotal Khan Alternate Costume - Osh-Tekk WarriorCoordinates: -8, 8 (Grotto of Gore)Cost: 2,100Liu Kang Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 1, 11 (Dark Pass)Cost: 940Mileena Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: -23, 10 (Cemetery Grounds)Cost: 540Timed ChestScorpion Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 5, 28 (Spider Gem Hold)Cost: 210Timed ChestRaiden Alternate Costume - Dark RaidenCoordinates: -1, 14 (Dark Pass)Cost: 10Raiden Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: -17, 19 (Walkway of Souls)Cost: 2,350Reptile Alternate Costume - TournamentCoordinates: 15, 16 (Kavern of Doom)Cost: 470Timed Chest, 2,000 KoinsCoordinates: 1, 17 (Icy Hollow)Cost: 150Timed Chest2,000 KoinsCoordinates: -5, 21 (Hollow Grounds)Cost: 200Timed Chest2,000 KoinsCoordinates: 7, 10 (Shadow Spider Kave)Cost: 7542,000 KoinsCoordinates: 21, 35 (Kotal's Kavern)Cost: 2502,000 KoinsCoordinates: 2, 8 (Shao Kahn's Tomb)Cost: 9802,000 KoinsCoordinates: 5, -1 (Lost Mausoleum)Cost: 8604,000 KoinsCoordinates: 0, 1 (Krypt Gateway)Cost: None4,000 KoinsCoordinates: -2, 7 (Frozen Graves)Cost: 1,2004,000 KoinsCoordinates: 1, 14 (Kahn's Stronghold)Cost: 1,140, Krypt Gateway4,000 KoinsCoordinates: 0, 1Cost: NoneSkip Fight AwardCoordinates: 1, 2Cost: 1,400Kotal Kahn's Fatality: Tight SqueezeCoordinates: -1, 2Cost: 1,280Frozen GravesEasy Fatality AwardCoordinates: 0, 5Cost: 980Timed ChestKung Jin Concept ArtCoordinates: 1, 5Cost: NoneErmac Concept ArtCoordinates: -1, 5Cost: NoneErmac's Brutality: Soul EaterCoordinates: -1, 6Cost: 1,980Tournament Kitana Alternate CostumeCoordinates: 1, 6Cost: 980Mileena Cutie IconCoordinates: -1, 7Cost: 1,180Kitana's Brutality: Lost GirlCoordinates: 1, 7Cost: 5,2004,000 KoinsCoordinates: -2, 7Cost: 1,200Ferra/Torr's Fatality: Play TimeCoordinates: -2, 8Cost: 2,350Outcast Erron Black Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -2, 9Cost: 1,220Mileena's Brutality: Early LunchCoordinates: -2, 10Cost: 4,980Garden of DespairShinnok's Brutality: Have A Nice DayCoordinates: -8, 7Cost: 5,600Kenshi's Brutality: Leg UpCoordinates: -7, 7Cost: 7,000Boot Camp Jacqui Briggs Alternate CostumeCoordinates: -8, 8Cost: 1,900Scorpion Kutie IconCoordinates: -7, 8Cost: 1,520Coming SoonCoordinates: -8, 9Cost: 5,560Coming SoonCoordinates: 0, 11Cost: 1,600Reaper's PassKung Lao Concept ArtCoordinates: -3, 16Cost: 1,400Emperor’s Courtyard Stage MusicCoordinates: -4, 16Cost: 1,300Blocked EntranceCoordinates: -2, 16Message: The gate is locked from the other side.Kenshi's Fatality: My PuppetCoordinates: -2, 16Cost: 1,520Icy Hollow2,000 KoinsCoordinates: 1, 17Cost: 150Timed ChestBlocked EntranceCoordinates: -2, 17This gate leads back to Reapers Pass.