She reflects the bicultural audience and unapologetically political ideas the millennial generation are actually thinking. Hope you took a test. Via Reggaeton Con La Gata “This conflation of both genres is due to people associating Panamanian Spanish reggae singer El General to reggaetón,” Katelina says. Spooky Lavagirl @vanna_bs. “Latinidad is branded in this way to give the illusion that we’re all a united front, we’re all a Raza, but essentially you know, that is obviously not true,” she said. Please tell us what you think about this story, J-Lo's newest song with Maluma and the racist ownership of the Spanish language, Traveling for Thanksgiving? Media/News Company Pages Media Music Song Regueton Clásico Videos La gata Daddy Yankee y Nicky jam Fusion of Dancehall, Pop Hip Hop and Rap. La Gata, a reggaeton historian shares her take on Lopez's new song. There is too much zooming in on the artist,” she said. His songs such as Tu pum pum, and Rica y Apretadita in the early 90’s became famous in the mainstream market. May 27. While Jennifer Lopez was the one who performed the line in the song, Eccleston also acknowledged that there were others in the room that heard the lyric and approved it before its publication — a prime example of the bigger picture issue within the Latinx community. REGGAETON CON LA GATA @ReggaetonXGata. Agreed lol. Polished finish elegant court shoe work duty stretchy slingback strap mid kitten heel this ladylike design slingback strap […] October 21, 2020. La Nueva Ola; Video; Shop; REGGAETON WITH GATA is a weekly, thirty minute bilingual talk show led by the bold, sexy and outspoken host, Gata. La Gata, a reggaeton historian shares her take on Lopez's new song. The Reggaeton Historian talked about all the controversy surrounding J-Lo’s new song Photo: Katelina Eccleston. by maritzaz. BLACK LIVES MATTER las vidas negras importan Buy Album 0:00 -:– Listen on Itunes Spotify Amazon “The most enduringly successful singer/songwriter of his generation” Dj Magazine Upcoming Tour 20 November 2018 | 18:00 – 23:00 Videotron Center Manhadtan, NY, United […] Why?”, Katelina Eccleston, AKA Reggaeton Con La Gata on J-Lo and racist endearments. The bigger picture on the entertainment side of things is a question of representation. Eccleston says she doesn’t blame people for not grasping the phenomenon of not using racial language. REGGAETON CON LA GATA retweeted. by maritzaz. “In our experience, if we’re going back to colonial times, Black women were called ‘la negra’ in a derogatory way,” said Eccleston.“The gaslighting of ‘Negras’ is so embedded into the Latinidad and el Mestizaje to the point where people do not question things, and of course, if it doesn’t affect the majority, why think about it at all?”. Somebody wrote that song, someone heard it, someone presented it to her, she heard it, they recorded it, someone produced it, someone mastered it, presented it to a boardroom, got the greenlight for the video, the director heard it, the dancers heard it.”. “Who found it necessary to incorporate that line? 10/21/2020 - 18:57. in . “I would rather point the finger at the team. October 21, 2020. Oct 23. In an interview with AL DÍA, Eccleston shares she’s no longer shocked when things like J-Lo’s line happen anymore. S.M.G.♎️ @shingi_1. 0. “So how did I feel? Enable hls playback. REGGAETON CON LA GATA @ReggaetonXGata. “There was no Black people in these rooms, clearly to raise a hand and ask why some phrase like that should be incorporated, how can they substitute that line, or why was that line written at all,” said Eccleston. Iza Show this thread. An Ice-Skating Rink and Christmas Village Amid a Pandemic Shutdown? SUBGENRE Reggaeton. Instead, she explains it as the continued gaslighting of Black Latinas. 6. Discography List 0:00 -:– Everything is Love Effortless comfortable full leather lining eye-catching unique detail to the toe low ‘cut-away’ sides clean and sleek. The music industry, moreover the media industry, is no stranger to systemic racism and little representation. However, when it comes to white Latinos using the alleged term of endearment, Eccleston said she’s heard it in two terms — as an alleged term of endearment — but finds it more insulting when white Latinos use ‘Negrita’ to refer to themselves. Replying to @ReggaetonXGata. Katelina Eccleston is a reggeaton specialist with digital platforms that cover that genre from its ignored history to its influence on the music world. El General is considered to be one of the “founding fathers” of Spanish reggae. “I don’t even put all of the blame on her. Like whatever.”. Oct 25. Katelina Eccleston, AKA Reggaeton Con La Gata... By Maritza Zuluaga. Latinx artists in the United States have fought tooth and nail to get crossover status here, but that small percentage is almost invisible for Black Latinos. La Gata, a reggaeton historian shares her take on Lopez's new song. Eccleston, of Reggaeton con la Gata, sees potential progress in the discussions and initiatives that have happened this year. Black Eyed Peas & Nadia Rose 17 October 2019 | 18:00 - 23:00. Katelina Eccleston, AKA Reggaeton Con La Gata... By Maritza Zuluaga. 10/21/2020 - 18:57. in . Thats way too many mental gymnastics.. i’m good. 1. la amo. 17h. The topic of Latinx representation in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, Remembering the Arecibo Observatory, the “Jewel” of Boricua science. Fusion of Dancehall, Pop Hip Hop and Rap. 7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA The recent Jennifer Lopez line ‘siempre sere tu Negrita del Bronx,’ has drawn a lot of criticism from both J-Lo stans as well as those that work in and study the Latinx genre born from Black Latino artists.