Published: 16/Jul/2020 8:15 Updated: 16/Jul/2020 8:50. by Andrew Amos With effective use of our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub, you can get the most out of using Gridlock. She's particularly well-suited for solo players, without reliance on heavy communication to be effective. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Are the next operators going to use crutches? ... Why is Gridlock so fat? You can also head back to our Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide, which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning. ©2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. Aren't special forces suppose to be in shape? Rainbow Six Rainbow Six Siege July 15 patch buffs Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze, more. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Feels like someone modded a meme model into the game. ... just look at some body mass index charts for alleged "females" and youll see that Gridlock falls onto "obese" (and not barely so at 32.3 bmi) "Just because you have a high BMI doesn't necessarily mean you're overweight. How did Ubisoft think this was a good idea? What happened to realism / immersion or does that not matter anymore? Each figurine comes with a unique code that unlocks an exclusive in-game charm in Rainbow Six Siege®. Gridlock is part of Series 5 of the Six Collection Chibi, along with Castle, Doc and Alibi. Gridlock brings a fresh ability to Rainbow Six Siege's roster, shaking up offensive play.